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Canada: The best country to raise your kids

There are so many great things to love about living in Canada. A few that come to mind are the incredible natural scenery, interesting multicultural society and even the easy access to a delicious to-go cup of Timmy’s coffee! But whatever your reasons are to love Canada, be prepared to add one more to the list.

Boy with Canadian flag

How about adding the best country to raise your children? According to a new survey, you can do just that! As reported by The Huffington Post, a recent survey by HSBC ranked Canada in first place among the most popular countries to raise children abroad. The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2012 gave Canada the top spot over such countries as the Netherlands, Australia and the United Kingdom.

The report highlights

Although the study was part of a larger survey, to rank each of the nine countries involved in the “Raising Children Abroad” segment, over 5,000 expats were asked questions in three categories about life in their new country. Included were questions about safety, education, amount of time spent outdoors and how well children have settled into their new surroundings. Here are just some of the findings sourced from the expats in the survey who have moved to Canada:

  • One-fifth of the expats surveyed stated they would rather stay in Canada than relocate to another country or move back home.
  • A huge 40 per cent of expats reported that their children are spending more time enjoying the great outdoors.
  • A whopping 45 per cent of parents replied that their kids are more involved in sports, and this filters down to the parents, since 25 per cent of them reported they are more active in playing sports as well.
  • The report shows that social integration is very high among the expats, as almost three-quarters of the group (70 per cent) stated they feel integrated in their new country.
  • Over half (62 per cent) of those surveyed feel Canadians are friendly people.
  • Expats praised the standard of accommodation in Canada, with 48 per cent replying it’s higher than what they have in their home country.

Some other reasons

Although not part of the HSBC survey, here are a few more reasons Canada is a fantastic place to raise a family:

  • Per the Globe and Mail, Canadians are some of the most educated people in the world.
  • Multiculturalism is an integral part of Canada’s foundation. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 86 per cent of people in a recent poll reported that they believe multiculturalism is important to Canada’s identity.
  • The population of Canada is approximately 35 million, which means about only half of one percent of the world resides in the second largest nation in the world. That translates into a lot of beautiful landscape for a family to enjoy.

For information on how the other countries fared in the expat survey, view the full report at HSBC Expat -Expat Explorer Survey 2012 [PDF].

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