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Are Halloween costumes too sexy for children?

While you still have a say on their wardrobe choices, use your voice! Can your child’s costume be too sexy? Let’s take a look at common misconceptions and alternatives for risque costumes.

Keep costumes age appropriate
Jasmine costume

Oh, that wondrous time of the fall is upon us, when copious sums of money are thrown away for mountains of chocolate and candy, children are insane and nothing is as it seems… Yes, Halloween approacheth.

Now, while safety precautions are always assumed in terms of the treats your child receives (no nails or poison in baked goods type deal), what about protecting your child from their own costume? With girls becoming over-sexualized at such a young age, perhaps it’s time to review your child’s costume choices to prevent any scandalous street reputations from developing, yes? Yes. Let’s dissect this together!

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Disney characters

Let’s begin with Disney characters or any character from a children’s animated film. The idea that a kid’s cartoon character is automatically a safe costume choice for your child is akin to the idea that if one is hit with a frying pan, little canaries will spontaneously pop up and happily fly in circles around the victim’s head. It doesn’t work that way.

For example, Jasmine, Ariel and Pocahontas may sound like cute costumes for your baby girl, but if you reach deep into your subconscious, you’ll remember that all three are half-naked in the films. Since your child is not animated, nor a princess from a Middle Eastern folk tale, nor a mythological aquatic creature, nor a daughter of a 17th century Algonquian chieftain, it’s probably best to steer clear of these. For honour/morality’s sake, stick to clothed characters like Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Anastasia, Minnie Mouse… all very appropriate, puritan choices.

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Too racy

As to the other costumes, it just goes downhill from here. Whoever designs some of these should get arrested. A great rule of thumb is this: If it’s not appropriate to wear in the daytime, it is not appropriate. Also, if the same costume is offered in a racier adult version, just don’t touch it. We’re talking punk zombie girl in booty shorts, groovy ’60s gal in go-go boots and a minidress, sassy nurse in fishnet tights, and a stylish pirate in a skirt with a slit way up to you-know-what and a bare midriff. No, no, no and no.

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Better options

Luckily there are always options. Go with a fully dressed pirate, ghost, clown, zombie (but not too gory), Frankenstein, bride of Frankenstein… The world is your oyster! You can even make these yourself to ensure that all your “age appropriateness” boxes are checked off.

Girls grow up in a very sexualized world; it’s up to the parent to monitor their costume choices and make sure they’re suitable. Don’t give in to trends or the pleading of your tween; go with your gut. Your daughter will thank you for it later.

Let’s keep our little ladies clothed and in age-appropriate costumes this Halloween, please and thank you. Choose something cute (or scary!) and with heart, without sacrificing class. Have fun with it.

What do you guys think?

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