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10-minute Halloween costume ideas

Need a quick but cool kid’s costume idea? Then here are some fun ideas you can pull together in about 10 minutes. But you better get started — the clock is ticking!

Easy Halloween costumes

A zombie

This is easily number one on the quick list! Creepy and trendy, a zombie costume is a hit with partygoers of all ages!

  • Find a few pieces of worn-out or almost-too-small clothing from your child’s closet, then quickly fray the edges and make a few slices in the fabric. Rub in some dirt, and glue on a few random twigs and dried leaves.
  • Mess up the hair, rub dirt onto their face, or use soft brown eyeshadow to create the look of facial bruises and shadows. Use red lipstick to create bloody wounds and dripping blood fom the mouth and chin.
  • For a different twist, create unique zombie identities, such as a zombie cheerleader or a zombie sports hero!

The super fan

Super easy and super fun, the super fan is a 10-minute solution to a Halloween costume!

  • Dress up your child in a sports jersey. It could be their own, a hand-me-down from an older sibling or even one of Mom’s or Dad’s in a pinch! If you don’t have a jersey, then dress your child in their favourite team colours.
  • Use Halloween makeup or face paint if you have it to paint your kid’s face in the team colours.
  • Find any novelty sports fan stuff you have, and if you don’t have any, simply cut the shape of a hand giving the “number one” sign out of a large piece of cardboard. Use a marker to outline the edge in a team colour, write “#1 Fan” on the front, then make a small rectangular cut-out at the bottom to create a handle for your child to hang on to.

The beauty queen

If you have a young daughter, chances are pretty good you’ll have all the supplies necessary to turn her into a beauty pageant queen for the night!

  • Dress her up in a pretty holiday dress or a “princess” dress-up dress.
  • Swoop her hair into a high ponytail or a fancy up-do — the bigger, the better — then spray it heavily with hairspray and sprinkle on a bit of fine craft glitter or glitter powder.
  • Do a quick makeup application of mascara, blush and lipstick.
  • Find an old remnant of white material or an old white sheet, and cut it into a long rectangular strip for the sash. Tuck under the edges, and use Scotch tape to keep them out of sight. Use a black marker to write the pageant title on the sash before placing it across your daughter and pinning it on the side.
  • If you have it, add some costume jewellery or a tiara to complete the look.

Other quick ideas

  • A hospital patient. Wrap strips of a torn white sheet around your child’s head. Feather a bit of soft brown eyeshadow around the eyes to give your child a gaunt look, and have him or her wear a robe and slippers.
  • An ’80s rock star boy. Tease, gel and spray his hair into the biggest style possible. Add a folded bandana around his forehead, and have your child wear jeans and a T-shirt. Use a toy guitar as a prop if you have one.
  • An ’80s pop star girl. Tease her hair, then pull some of the hair into a high half up-do held in place with a scrunchy. Layer on tank tops, T-shirts, short skirts and leggings, then add lots of costume jewellery. If possible, have your daughter carry a microphone as a prop.

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