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DIY Felt animal masks

Gather your kids and your materials, and get to work creating some adorable woodland animal masks for them to use for Halloween or just for imaginative playtime. This project is relatively easy, and the end results will be worth every minute spent.

Felt animal masks

Felt animal masks

If your kids are anything like mine, they want to be something new every day! I love the idea of masks for dress-up play because they’re quick and easy to put on and instantly get kids into character. We recently added these fun woodland masks to our collection. Any of these would make a great foundation for your child’s Halloween costume, and with no sewing involved, they’re a cinch to make!

woodland masks template

Get the templates!

Click here to
download the
owl and fox

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 package Heat ‘n’ Bond
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Disappearing pen or Sharpie
  • Sharp scissors
  • 4 feet of ribbon per mask
  • Felt (orange, white and black for the fox; cream, yellow, black and two shades of brown for the owl)

Felt animal masks


  1. Print the templates and cut out all the shapes. Trace the shapes onto coordinating colours of felt with your pen. If using a Sharpie, be sure to trace on the back sides of the masks, as a little bit of black will be left on the edges when you cut them out. Preheat the iron while you cut the shapes out of the felt.
  2. Adhere the pieces of the masks together using Heat ‘n’ Bond (refer to instructions on the package). Attach the pieces in the order indicated by the numbers on the templates, using completed pictures for reference.
  3. Once the masks are assembled, cut two small slits on either side of the masks for the ribbon. Do this by pinching an end of the mask widthwise while cutting a small vertical slit. Cut 2 feet of ribbon per side. To attach the ribbon, run one end about 1-1/2 inches through the front of the slit. Fold this end down against the ribbon, and secure with a small piece of Heat ‘n’ Bond. Repeat the process for the other side of the mask.

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