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Healthy Halloween treats to hand out

Halloween is an exciting time for kids, and that makes it a great opportunity to get them excited about healthy treats in addition to the usual junk. Hand out these nutritious and yummy options to get kids on the path to making healthy choices.


We’ve all heard horror stories — whether true or false — of hidden dangers in homemade Halloween treats, so it isn’t possible to hand out an apple or a zip-lock bag of trail mix without causing parents to have mild panic attacks. In virtually every household, your good intentions will wind up in the trash just to be on the safe side. So to ensure the kids get your well-thought-out healthy goodies, try one of these store-bought, nutritious options.

Kashi granola bars

Sure, call it a granola bar, and it doesn’t seem that exciting. But even though kids may turn up their noses at first to see a school snack handed to them, they’ll quickly see the light once they try one. With varieties like Pumpkin Pecan and Peanutty Dark Chocolate, you may very well manage to trick them into thinking they’re eating dessert. They’ll never know they’re getting seven whole grains and a mixture of all-natural fruits and nuts while they chomp. It’s a win for everyone!

Applesauce cups

Applesauce may not seem like the most exciting treat, but it certainly can be when it comes in the form of one of Mott’s flavoured snack cups. Kids will love being able to choose from Blueberry Delight, Country Berry, Granny Smith, Peach Medley and Summer Strawberry. Plus it will be a welcome relief for parents packing lunches the next day.

Herbal tea packets

It may sound strange at first to hand out what most would consider a grown-up item. But what child doesn’t like to pretend to be a little more grown up than he or she truly is? That’s why they invented children’s tea sets, after all! Herbal teas are caffeine-free and come in many fruity flavours kids will love to choose from. Make sure to get individually packaged tea bags, and remind kids to prepare them with the help of their parents.

Juice boxes

Kids can never get enough of juice boxes. And there’s something fun and exciting about picking out a new or different flavour at the doorstep on Halloween night. Just make sure it doesn’t have any added sugars or unnecessary additives. Fruit is sweet enough!

Fruit & Fruit bars

Tired of giving kids “fruit bars” that are really just fruit-flavoured sugar? Thank goodness for Fruit & Fruit! These bars are made solely from dried fruit pieces and are peanut-free, gluten-free and vegan, so you can happily hand them out to any child who comes to your door. Check out the maker’s list of locations to see if there’s a store carrying them near you.

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