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How involved should you be in your child’s school?

It’s impossible to not be involved to some degree in your child’s schooling. But have you ever considered how and what degree of involvement might work best for you?

Taking part in your child’s education
Parent and child with teacher

Getting involved from home

Many mothers simply don’t have the time to get really involved at their kids’ schools, and that’s OK. There are plenty of ways you can contribute from home. Make sure your child knows to hand over any papers or leaflets for you as soon as he or she gets home. This will help ensure you are up-to-date with school events and can participate in ways that work for you. Cooking up goodies for bake sales and making sure you’ve signed and prepared your child for any field trips are just some ways to ensure you’re doing what you can.

Finding the best way to commute

Another way to contribute and to also get better acquainted with the other parents and kids at school is simply by being part of the pick-up and drop-off community. If possible, organize a carpool with other families nearby. It will reduce your workload and also help you get to know new families! Or if you prefer to do the commute yourself, make an effort to say hello to the other parents as well as any teachers who are around each time you’re at the school. You’re likely to hear about events or projects you can help out with while you’re there and maybe even discover some new ways you can get involved.

Taking part in field trips

Elementary schools are always in need of parents who can accompany class field trips and help the teachers keep track of everyone. So if you happen to be a homemaker or someone who can get a day off work, consider volunteering to supervise a field trip or two. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the teachers and other children your child spends his or her days with. And you might even strike up some interesting conversations with other parents!

Joining the parent-teacher association

If you’re able to, joining the parent-teacher association (PTA) is undeniably the best way to give constructive input at your child’s school. PTAs meet once a month to discuss events and issues that concern your child’s schooling. If you’re interested, simply call your child’s school, and ask to be put in contact with your local PTA group. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get informed and to voice any concerns you may have when necessary.

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