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Welcome fall with fun family activities

Between the changing leaves and the brisk air, fall is a great time to get outside with your family. Make the most of the season with these fun activity ideas.

Family fun for fall
Family fun for fall

Enjoy the autumn air together

Kids are often eager to get out and about in the summer because the weather is warm, their friends are free and there’s plenty to do. But once the season is over, they can easily get stuck in a rut of coming home from school and plopping themselves in front of their electronics for the rest of the day.

If you’d rather avoid this habit, get them involved in some fun family activities that will have them loving the fall season!

Scavenger hunt

Nothing stimulates kids’ minds and bodies quite like a scavenger hunt. Put together a list of fall items they can collect, such as acorns, pine cones and different coloured leaves, as well as things they can point out, such as pumpkins, unique Halloween decorations and different kinds of trees. If you know some people in the neighbourhood, make the game more engaging by giving different neighbours scraps of paper with answers to questions like “When and what is the autumnal equinox?” and “How did Halloween start?” Then give your children clues as to who they must go visit to get the answers. This will be a fun and educational afternoon well spent!

Get crafty

You may have spent the spring and summer telling your kids not to pick your neighbours’ flowers, but fortunately fall is different. People are often happy to see stray leaves, twigs, acorns and pine cones disappear from their lawns. So head out with a large box or bag, and track down some natural items to craft with. Small twigs can be glued to the side of a Mason jar, and then the jar can be wrapped with a piece of twine to create an elegant autumn candle holder or change container. And acorns can replace the pebbles in vases to give your home a fall touch. These items from nature can be used to decorate an abundance of things, such as wooden picture frames and homemade cards. So get crafting!

Chores can be fun

Of all the seasons, fall can easily require the most additional chores. Getting your home ready for winter can be a long process. But if you can keep kids motivated, they can be a huge help. And a good way to do that is by giving them tasks that seem like fun rather than work. For instance, have them rake the backyard and put the leaves in decorative bags such as these pumpkin/ghost leaf bags from Home Hardware. Filling the bags and placing them around your home for decoration will get the yard cleaned up and have them enjoying fall weather at the same time.

Decorating galore

Summer may have a lot of appealing qualities, but one of the things it doesn’t have is a holiday to decorate for. But fall? It has two! That means there’s always something new for your kids to hang, arrange or display. If you don’t have a lot of decorations, head to your local crafting store or dollar store, and get some fun items your kids will like putting up (and you’ll enjoy looking at!). And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Getting an assortment of fake flowers in fall hues is a great idea because there’s no end to the amount of times and ways your kids can redo the arrangement. Purchasing decor items that can survive outside is also terrific because it will get your little ones out of the house and enjoying the fresh air. Bottom line: Between Thanksgiving and Halloween, there’s plenty of creative decorating for your kids to enjoy.

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