Bumbo baby seats are being recalled

If you or someone you know owns a Bumbo Baby Seat — you will definitely want to take the time to read on to learn more about the recently announced recall and what to do should your product be one of those affected.

Recall: Bumbo Baby Seat
Recall - Bumbo seat

Recall announced

Bumbo baby seats, cleverly named after the fact they are perfectly suited to your little one’s seated behind, are being recalled today. CTV News reports that over 340,000 of the children’s seats are being recalled in Canada. And that’s just a fraction of the millions that are being recalled from all over North America. There have been reports of skull fractures and other injuries caused by babies wiggling out of the seats. Health Canada cautions that in the chairs, children can arch their backs and flip over or fall out of the baby chairs.

In 2007 they issued a recall in order to place a new warning label on the seats that would warn parents not to place the Bumbo on counters, tables or other elevated surfaces after 28 reports of children seriously harming themselves after falling from such heights were announced in the U.S. Since that recall the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency and Bumbo International have been made aware of 31 occurences in the States of babies experiening incidents while the Bumbo was on the floor or at an unknown elevation. These incidents mostly resulted in lumps, bumps and bruises but two skull fractures were also reported.

Seats that apply

Those seats being recalled were fabricated in South Africa and sold in stores all over North America and online between August 2003 and August 2012. The seat is 15 inches in diameter and comes in a variety of colours. It has two leg holes and a back that wraps around the shape of a baby. The word “Bumbo” as well as the image of an elephant can be seen on the front of the seat in raised lettering.

What to do

Bumbo Canada advises consumers to stop using the seats immediately and register for a free retrofit kit. The kit includes a belt with a warning label to secure the child in the bumbo, as well as a new warning sticker for the seat itself. After installing the belt and warning label they advise consumers to follow all usage instructions and to never place the Bumbo on an elevated surface even with the new belt in place. You won’t need to send your chair back. To determine whether your Bumbo is included in the recall and to register, you can visit their website or call their toll free number: 1-866-477-5144.

Image credit: USCPSC

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