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School lunches your kids will love

Back-to-school time is approaching, and having ideas for what to pack your kids for lunch is just smart.

What’s for lunch?
Packed lunch

When it comes to packing lunch boxes, it’s all about balance and variety. We share some delicious and healthy lunches your kids are sure to gobble up.

If you pack your kids only one main course and they don’t happen to like it or they aren’t in the mood for it that day, they may choose to not eat anything at all. And that will make it hard for them to get through the rest of their day productively. A clever way to avoid this is by packing a main meal along with a few other snacks and treats. That way they’re more likely to find a few things they like and get the nutrition they require for the day. With that in mind, we share a few combinations for you to put together when back-to-school time arrives.

Lunch box #1

  • Grilled chicken (sliced or shredded) in a multi-grain wrap with slices of tomato, shredded lettuce, a sprinkle of feta cheese and a squirt of mustard
  • A natural snack bar, such as Kashi’s strawberry cereal bar
  • Fruit yogourt, such as Oikos’ 100-gram cups or a banana

Note: Snack bars and yogourt cups can sometimes be loaded with sugars and other additives. So make sure to read the ingredients list before purchasing.

Lunch box #2

Note: Many deli meats are loaded with additives and preservatives, so make sure to check the ingredients list on any packaged meats, and pick those with natural ingredients. Or better yet, use meats left over from dinner the night before, such as shredded chicken breast or thinly sliced beef.

Lunch box #3

  • Homemade chili in a well-sealed thermos
  • Pieces of cheese, such as Babybel minis
  • A fresh whole apple or apple slices preserved in lemon juice

Note: A leaky thermos that leaves sticky or wet liquid all over a lunch box can turn children off from eating entirely. So make sure you use a thermos with a tight lid, and seal it fully.

Lunch box #4

Note: By placing the egg salad between a couple of dry lettuce leaves, the bread will stay soft and dry until lunchtime. Wrap the sandwich in plastic wrap, and place it in a resealable container to be extra sure it stays intact.

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