Cool gadgets for back to school

Most students are dreading going back to school. If your high school or university student is feeling this way, you may get them a little more excited about the prospect by picking up one or two of these cool gadgets they can take advantage of.

Top electronics for students
Students with iPad

Make heading back to class more fun and exciting with these gadgets.

The new iPad

Soon launching is the third-generation iPad, which is said to be more portable due to its smaller size and also boasts a crisp Retina display, a better camera and a faster processor.

The Nokia Lumia 900 phone

The Nokia Lumia 900 is slightly larger than an iPhone (making it easier to type on) and boasts Nokia’s highest capacity battery. Plus, the button to take photos is on the side, making it much simpler to snap pics than the onscreen button on the iPhone.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Help make the commute to class more entertaining with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. They can also be an effective way to block out noise and distraction at the school library or even at home. Have your son or daughter try out different options from such brands as Bose and Sennheiser to check if they like the fit and sound.

A backpack that uses solar power to charge devices

In this day and age when being tuned in through a laptop and smartphone is critical, having a battery run out can be stressful. How about a school bag, then, that helps to power up devices? The Voltaic converter solar backpack features two solar panels on its exterior that, with four to five hours of sunlight, can recharge a cell phone.

A new smartphone, iPad or laptop case

Give your son’s or daughter’s devices a fresh, new look while protecting them with a fun new case. GelaSkins now come in a hard shell, and BUILT has fun new graphic designs. And if your student isn’t a fan of the solar-powering backpack to charge his or her iPhone, look for a case with a built-in charger, such as the mophie juice pack air.

Portable iPhone speaker

Your student will easily be able to play their music in their dorm room, out on the deck for a party or out on the campus wherever a portable wireless speaker is available. We like the HMDX Audio Jam for its petite size, and it runs on a Bluetooth wireless.

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