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5 Healthy snacks for back to school

It’s only natural that you want your kids to be well fueled while at school. Make sure they get through their days happy and energized with these delicious and healthy back-to-school snacks.

Nutritious and delicious snacks
Boy eating a granola bar

Pureed fruit

Unfortunately many fruit cups that look healthy are actually loaded with added sugar. Fortunately, however, you can turn to nutritious fruit puree cups such as Mott’s Healthy Harvest Sauce. They come in blueberry, summer berry, Granny Smith, peach and strawberry, so your kids will be excited to open up their lunch boxes each day to see what they get.


Natural granola bars

Before you toss your usual granola bars into the cart, take a peek at the ingredients list. Many bars have sugar as the first or second ingredient, which means your kids are more likely to get a sugar high than an energy boost. Instead, pick up a more natural option, such as Kashi’s Peanutty Dark Chocolate bars or Pecan Pumpkin bars. They’re made with seven whole grains as well as natural sweeteners and have no artificial flavours or preservatives. Even better? They’re so tasty, your kids will be downright eager for snack time.


Hummus and flatbread

Plenty of snack packs out there are essentially cookies dipped in icing sugar or chips paired with heavy cream, and they certainly won’t help your kids get through a busy day at school. Instead, opt for something along the lines of Summer Fresh’s Snack’n Go! selections, which feature several varieties of hummus with crispy flatbread. Your kids are sure to have fun choosing between original, garlic and roasted red pepper for their hummus and will love chowing down on this crispy treat between classes.


Miniature cheese rounds

Kids love the fun and excitement that come with unwrapping candies. So why not give them that same feeling with a healthier option? Individually packaged cheese rounds such as Babybel’s minis are fun and nutritious. Plus, kids can now choose from a variety of cheeses, such as cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, Gouda and more.


Trail mix

If you want to make sure your kids are snacking on healthy foods at school, why not get them involved in the process? Begin with a standard trail mix recipe, and then let them pick the quantities, substitutions and additions they prefer. Seeing all the options go in will make them extra eager to enjoy the nutritious treat at school!

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