Cool and quirky piggy banks

If you’re a budget-savvy mom, you know that being smart with your money is an ongoing learning process. So why not get your kids started early? We share some super-cool piggy banks that will get your little ones excited about saving.

For your little princess

Your little girl may love watching movies about Prince Charming sweeping a special lady off her feet, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But why not use that love of fairy tales to help encourage her to save some money for herself? This Little Princess resin castle bank will get your daughter excited about saving up her pennies — and feel like a princess in the process!

Little Princess Resin Castle Bank

LIttle Princess Resin Castle Bank, (, $25)


Encourage your little ones to embrace saving up by getting them piggy banks with their names written right there along with designs they will love. A hand-painted, personalized piggy bank is sure to make them feel special.

Personalized Piggy Bank

Hand-painted Piggy Bank, (, $15 and up)

Go digital

If your child is already beginning to show signs he or she has a love for math and technology, getting them a digital counting money jar might be just what they need. Knowing exactly how much they have and how much more they need to buy something they want will surely keep them motivated!

Digital Counting Money Jar

Digital Counting Money Jar, (, $20)


Helping your kids create their own piggy banks can often get them even more excited about saving than just buying one. It gives them an opportunity to create their savings containers exactly as they want them. Let them take a peek through the recycling to pick out whichever containers they like best. Items made out of paper or plastic, such as milk cartons or margarine tubs, are ideal because they’re easy to slice into, which is important both for cutting the opening slot and for cracking it open once your children are ready to see what’s inside.

Cutting out the money slot is one task you’ll want to perform yourself, as it can be a little challenging. Aim to make the slot larger than you think it needs to be, as your children will likely cover parts of it up slightly.

Mix one part flour with two parts water to create a papier mache paste, and cut up strips of newspaper. Your children can have fun dipping the newspaper in the paste and laying it all over the containers — being sure to leave the opening slots accessible. Once it is completely covered, leave it to dry fully. Once it dries, it will harden and be very easy to decorate. Your children can paint it in whichever colours they like and even glue on accents such as buttons, sequins, lace, fabric and more.

This style of piggy bank has no hole for removing the money, so your child is sure to build up a lot of change before he or she decides it’s time to crack it open! Just make sure the papier mache isn’t too thick before sliding money in, as you certainly don’t want to be unable to open it down the road!

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