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Back-to-school supplies

Here are the handy school supplies to stock up on now so your child’s life at school is easier and so they’re set for the whole year.

Stock up on school supplies
School supplies

It’s hard to believe school will be starting up again so soon. What this means is that now you have to start shopping for back-to-school essentials so your child’s ready for the year ahead.

Get the key things now, especially while everything is on sale, and you can always fill in any gaps you discover along the way.

A school bag

If your child’s school bag from the last school year has seen better days, invest in a new one now so they have a fresh start this September. If they have to lug many heavy textbooks to and from school, a backpack is probably your best choice, as the weight is distributed more evenly when carrying it, as opposed to a crossbody-style bag. If it’ll help your child stay organized, look for one with different sections and pockets so that every item has a “home” and your son or daughter can easily find what they need in it.

A laptop case

If your child has to travel to class with their laptop, a case to help protect the computer is a must, especially if your child tends to be hard on their items. Among the most rugged and protective versions we’ve seen are the products from OtterBox.

A great lunch container

Who likes their wet foods mixing with their other foods? No one. Everything should have its place, right? If you’ve got your hand up, then we think you too will like these lunch box options from PlanetBox as much as we do. They’re made of stainless steel, which is great for food storage, as stainless steel is non-toxic and won’t leach anything (such as BPA) into your food. Plus it’s recyclable (so it’s a green choice!). Lunch will remain fresh and appetizing for the little student in your family. For items that need to be kept cold, an small insulated cooler bag will do the trick. The options from California Innovations are cute and practical; Neo Zoo would be great for primary school kids and the Girls Tote perfect for preteen girls.

A practical binder

Once kids start secondary school, a binder becomes a must. In terms of usefulness, the Mead Xpanz Zipper Binder is handy: As its name suggests, it zippers up, so your teen can stash pens and pencils and any other odd bits (like the note they scrawled something on) too. And should they take many, many notes in class, the binder can expand to greater capacity, so no need for them to switch to a whole new binder.

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