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Creative alternatives to baked goods for school birthdays

These days it seems kids are suffering from a variety of allergies and dietary concerns, which makes bringing baked goods to school on your child’s birthday a risky idea. Treat the class to something everyone can enjoy with one of these great alternatives.

Birthday party


Let’s face it: Stickers are never going out of style. There’s a reason teachers today still have sticker boards to motivate kids to do everything from clean the classroom to work on their reading skills. And that reason is kids love them! Smile Makers Canada offers a huge selection of stickers, so you can pick whichever ones you think your child’s age group will prefer. Glitter stickers, stickers that glow in the dark and stickers with some of kids’ favourite characters from film and television are just a few of the options available to you. So have fun picking them out!

Crayons and colouring books

Most kids love to draw and colouring books are a great gift for children and parents alike, because they give the wee ones something to do no matter where they are. So stop by your local dollar store or bargain shop, and snatch up enough colouring books and crayons for the class. You can get some very inexpensive ones in themes the kids will love!


Considering even adults love the opportunity to blow bubbles at weddings or picnics, it’s no surprise they’re a hit with kids as well. They’re incredibly inexpensive when purchased from a dollar store, and you and your child can work together to personalize them for each member of the class. Cut some rectangles out of coloured paper, and have your child write personal notes to his or her classmates. Then use a hole punch on one of the corners, pull a piece of ribbon through it and tie it to the top of the container. The kids will be thrilled by the gift and the friendly touch!


There is certainly no shortage of kid-friendly posters to choose from, so head to your local toy store with your child, and have fun picking out posters he or she thinks their classmates will love. And don’t forget to snag your child one as well for all his or her hard work!

Allergen-free candy

For some kids, no amount of games, crafts or other goodies can make up for a sweet treat. Fortunately there are some allergen-free alternatives out there. The Natural Candy Store offers treats such as gummies, hard candies, chocolate drops, candy bars and more that are made without the eight major allergens. That means children with intolerances to milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans can eat its products, which means everyone can enjoy your sweet treats! Don’t be afraid to contact them if you have any questions or concerns about whether the product(s) you’re interested in will be suitable for all the kids in your child’s class.

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