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Stress-free first day of school

It can be hectic, that first day of school, but if you plan ahead, it can go off without a hitch.


Just a couple of months ago you had mornings down to a science. You’d had the whole school year to pull together how to best get the kids up, fed, washed, clothed and out the door while also getting ready yourself. But like every year, with those few summer months off, that well-oiled machine you created is now rusty, and with school starting again, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, especially on the first day back at school. Here are some pointers on how to make the first day back to class not so chaotic.

Pack lunches the night before

Whatever you can do the night before to eliminate it from the morning chaos is a great idea. If your child’s old enough, let them help decide what goes into their lunch on that important first day back. And if you’ve got to take lunch too, prep yours in advance as well.

Have your children pick out their outfits the night before

Rather than have to handle an indecisive child the morning of, have your kids choose what they’d like to wear the night before, and set it out. This way you know they have the socks they need and that the outfit they want to wear is clean and pressed. Help them prepare their school bags with the supplies they need too.

Budget extra time

Since you are not in the swing of things, it may take a little longer than it did just a few months ago on this first day (or even the first few weeks) of school, so budget an extra 15 minutes or more to ensure your kids don’t miss the bus.

Help orient your child

If your child is going to a new school, help them get their bearings. Show them what entrance to use and where their classroom is. Also, help them find the washroom. If you have any concerns or issues you’d like to chat about with their teacher, while you’re there, be sure to do that too so the teacher has a heads-up on how to work with your precious loved one.

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