5 Great after-school activities for your kids

Want your kids to enjoy healthy and well-rounded lives? Of course you do! And you also want to make sure they enjoy the activities they take part in. Get your kids excited about what they do after school by signing them up for one of these extracurricular activities.

Get your kids involved
Running track

Track and field

Unlike other sports, track and field is made up of many different athletic competitions. There’s long distance running, sprint running, hurdles, high jump, long jump and many more. That means your child is able to work on a variety of different skills and maybe even find one he or she excels at. This is an especially great outlet for kids who have an abundance of energy, as it gives them something to work on at school or at home.

Synchronized swimming

Sure, you could sign your child up for swimming lessons or for dance class, but why not get two for one? Synchronized swimming is an excellent way to help your little one develop a number of skills all at once. In addition to working on everyday swimming skills, she will also learn how to do a variety of dance-like moves in the water. Plus, synchronized swimming is about moving in unison with the music and other swimmers, so there’s the bonus of your child learning about working within a team.

Language club

It’s unfortunate there aren’t more opportunities for kids to learn multiple languages in school, especially considering how much easier it is for young people to learn and hold on to a new language. So don’t miss the opportunity to get your child excited about learning a new language after school. Whether it’s through a public school program, a specialized school or a tutor, learning a new language can be a fun and exciting activity for your child.


You never know when being able to carry a tune and read music may come in handy for your child. Plus, singing can be an effective way for shy children to find their voices and feel more confident. They can also practice anywhere at any time, which means they can always work on their skill and feel encouraged by their hard work and improvement. Many schools, churches and organizations encourage kids of all ages and abilities to take part, so you’re sure to find a place in your area.


After-school activities don’t have to be only about sports and the arts; the extracurricular activity can also be an opportunity for your child to learn about giving back to the community. Having your children learn about giving back at a young age can really shape how they view the world and the good they do in it for the rest of their lives. Try writing up a list of places for your child to consider, and let him or her choose which one(s) to pursue. Whether your child is drawn to helping the environment, animals, the elderly or any other cause, there is no bad choice!

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