Best back-to-school bags

Your kids might not be overly excited to head back to school, but with the right bag to carry all their new school supplies, they may warm up to the idea. Read on to find the perfect bag for your child or teen.

For the eager little ones

Let’s face it: It’s rare to hear a teen rave about heading back to school. But many first and second graders can’t wait! Encourage their love of learning by getting them a bag they can feel extra special carrying around. Toys R Us’ Skip Hop Zoo Pack little kid backpack lets your little guy feel like he has a cute little friend with him all day long.

Skip Hop Zoo backpack

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpack (, $25)

For slightly older kids

For the slightly older children, who are familiar with school and are ready and excited to compare cool back-to-school supplies with friends, consider getting a knapsack with one of their favourite characters on it. For the little princess in your life, check out the Barbie flip backpack. A different image of the blonde beauty is on either side, so your little one can pick which side she wants to show off each day. Or for your little guy who can’t get enough of his favourite superheroes, consider getting him a Batman backpack he’ll be happy to show off to his friends (, $20).

Barbie Flip Backpack

Barbie Flip Backpack (, $17)

For too-cool-for-school teens

If your teen daughter keeps talking about how “uncool” backpacks are, we have something that will definitely change her mind. Roxy’s Long Time backpack has a gorgeous faux suede bottom and a classic design, so your teen can attend school in style.

If your teen son refuses to go the backpack route, snag him one of Sears’ rock band messenger bags (, $30). Whether he’s a fan of The Beatles, AC/DC or The Who, he’ll feel pretty cool sporting their logo around school all day.

Roxy's Long Time Backpack

Long Time Backpack, (, $52)

For the journey to university

University holds a whole new range of physical, emotional and academic challenges. Many students leave home in the morning and hop from class to the library, to the gym, to class, to the cafeteria and to class again before returning to their dwelling. That means a whole lot of necessities have to fit into one bag! Fortunately bags such as Roxy’s Huntress backpack can help your new university student get by. It features a laptap compartment and media port to assist your technologically savvy son or daughter, and it’s big enough to hold virtually everything they need for a day at school.

Roxy's Huntress Backpack

Huntress Backpack, (, $52)

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