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Great gifts for new moms

If you don’t have kids and have to buy a baby gift, you might naturally gravitate toward the most adorable items. And while your new-mom friend will surely appreciate any gift, what will make her life easier are gifts she can actually use on a regular basis.

Baby gifts she’ll appreciate
Baby gifts

Skip the cutesy outfits, and think more practically. Don’t worry; there are many useful items that are still adorable you can pick up for her and the little one.

A toy the baby will love

With the rows upon rows of baby toys, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. But what’s one toy all babies seem to adore? Sophie Giraffe. She’s cute and essentially just a simple squeaky toy you wouldn’t expect all babies to fall in love with, but they do. Her size makes it easy for babies to grasp her, and when they start teething, they can gnaw on Sophie.

Practical clothing for the baby

It’s easy to see why people buy adorable miniature outfits for the baby, but how often will the baby need a fancy occasion dress (especially given the short period of time it will fit her)? Something a mom will get tons of use out of are infant gowns. Open on the bottom and with expandable openings at the neck, these gowns make it much simpler to change diapers and change the baby out of the outfit than a onesie that snaps closed at the bottom.

A bib that won’t stain

As any mom will tell you, bibs look cute for only a moment before they get dirty and stained permanently. Which is why a bib that won’t stain is indispensable. One made of leather, such as those from Mallybibs, not only won’t stain, but it’s durable too and worth paying extra for upfront compared to terry cloth or cotton bibs.

A bouncy seat

Your new-mom and new-dad friends will get a bit of a break when they can put their little one in this vibrating chair that’ll soothe and keep baby occupied for a while. It’s portable too, so it’s something your new-parent friends can take with them (to your house to enjoy a dinner party, for example).

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