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How kids can make money

If you have children who are ready to start making money for themselves, there are plenty of job options for them to consider. Read on to discover some unique ways kids can save up at any age.

Money-making opportunities
Garage sale

Seller of old stuff

Selling old stuff is a great way for really young kids to make money. It gives them an opportunity to learn about prioritizing and making tough decisions. They can begin by bringing old books they no longer read to a used book store. It may be a good idea for you to go along with them, though, just to make sure they don’t get taken advantage of. If there are enough items around the house for them to hold a yard sale, that is also an option. If not, they may consider getting together a few friends to pool their items to make a sizable event.

Small business owner

If your child is looking to make money but is too young to be employed at an establishment, creating products allows them to be creative and make money in the process. It’s also a fabulous opportunity for children to hone any skills they may be developing. Whether they’re interested in baking, sewing, jewellery making, photography or any other endeavour, encourage them to have fun creating. And making the products is just half the learning experience; learning where to sell, who to sell to and how to promote products are also skills worth developing. They’ll have a chance to learn about customer service, marketing and more. If they are old enough and mature enough to handle a more serious store of their own, they may consider selling their products on a handmade goods website such as Etsy.

Qualified babysitter

Babysitting is a great job for responsible kids over the age of 11. To make sure your child is prepared for the challenge, sign her up for a babysitting course such as the one offered by the Canadian Red Cross. The course requires an eight-hour commitment and will teach your child how to care for kids of all ages and how to handle emergency situations. Babysitting is also an opportunity for your child to learn about promoting herself. Encourage her to get the word out to relatives and family friends about what she is doing and find opportunities for her to practice her skills.

Event entertainer

Does your child have a particular skill or talent he or she loves experimenting with? Singing? Performing magic tricks? Dressing up and pretending to be a princess? All of these are talents highly sought after in the event business. If your child has skill with an instrument or his or her voice, he or she may be well suited for weddings, anniversaries and more. Or if you child is more of a performer, birthday parties may be ideal.

Lifeguard or swim teacher

Life guarding and teaching swimming are fun ways for teens to make some extra money. If your teen enjoys swimming and working with kids, this job may be the perfect fit. Starting salaries are considerably higher than typical mimimum wage jobs, and the skills will look good on a resume down the road. The Lifesaving Society offers complete training programs that make participants qualified to watch over swimmers and/or to teach youngsters.

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