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How to help out a new mom

Being a new mom can be stressful. Be a good friend, and help out in these ways.

Mom with newborn

Life is hectic for a new mom, especially if your friend has just had her first child. No doubt this will change your friendship; not necessarily in a bad way, but chances are you won’t have the same late nights out that you used to. What to focus on now is being a good friend to her and helping out. Not sure how to do that? Here are some ways you can show your friendship and support.

Cook fresh, made-from-scratch meals for her

Sleep deprived and exhausted, your friend will not have the energy to cook for herself, and delicious homemade food will be a huge help to her. At the beginning, right after she’s given birth, her parents or in-laws may be around to help, as will other friends, but a few months later, your ready-made meals will be very gratefully received.

Visit or talk on the phone with her

Your conversation will be interrupted by the crying baby, but being there for some adult conversation — one in which she doesn’t have to sing children’s songs or talk about diapers or feedings or nap times — is something your gal pal will really appreciate. If you don’t have kids, she’ll truly enjoy having the chance to talk about something other than motherhood and babies. If you visit, help out in any small way you can while you two catch up: fold laundry, unload the dishwasher, change a diaper or two or wash baby bottles.

Encourage her to get out with you

Yes, she may be more tempted to get some sleep than to go out, but if you are firm about getting her to dress up nicely and get out of the house to hit the town for either a drink or dinner, this’ll remind her she’s still her own person. Enjoying a cocktail or two, she’ll get to relax and let loose a little, and the time spent away from baby will do her good.

Offer to babysit

She may feel like she never has time to even shower, never mind do anything else, so letting her know you can occasionally watch the baby so she can go out with her husband, attend a yoga class, buy groceries or get her hair cut will be a big relief to her.

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