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Healthy snacks for students

Finding snacks your kids will enjoy and that are good for them may seem tricky, but you can find options that are nutritious and delicious. Here are some healthy snack ideas your kids will take to.

Nutritious snacks that taste good too
Peanut butter and apples

If your time seems consumed by packing lunches for your kids, you’re not alone. It can take a lot of time trying to find foods they enjoy and that are good for them. On top of that, you need to come up with some well-balanced snacks so they can have something healthy at recess that they won’t ditch in the garbage behind your back. Here are some tips on how to pack nutritious recess snacks.

Don’t buy prepackaged snacks

As you probably already know, prepackaged foods tend to be high in salt, sugar and fat. It’s always better to opt for something you make from scratch or something simple and fresh. Rather than a fruit roll-up, give your kids whole fruit. Some kids may prefer their fruit cut and ready to eat, so be sure to prepare it in a way they’re more likely to eat it. Rather than processed cheese packaged with white crackers, give them some quality cheese slices with whole-grain crackers. Instead of purchasing packaged oatmeal cookies, bake some fresh when you have time on the weekend, controlling the ingredients that go into cookies. Besides, homemade cookies always taste a whole lot better.

Include protein in the snack

Protein will help your kids feel full and keep them humming along till it’s time to enjoy their lunch. Give them a small bag of trail mix that includes some unsalted nuts. You can balance it with dried, unsweetened cranberries, or if your kids won’t eat it otherwise, sneak a tiny bit of candy (M&Ms) into the combination as well. If they’re allowed to bring peanuts and peanut butter to school, the old standby of celery sticks with peanut butter will work well too. Hummus is a great protein-rich choice as well. Another option is to combine fresh, cut fruit with Greek yogourt so they get some dairy along with vitamins, minerals and protein.

Keep an eye on portion sizes

Remember that this is a snack, so it should only be about 150 to 200 calories. Check juices for portion size, and make sure what you put together from scratch doesn’t creep up to meal size when it comes to its nutritional content.

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