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Host a midsummer kids’ party — Summer Games style

A summer break from school is every child’s dream, but what happens when they begin to miss their friends? Why not host a midsummer break party? Give a nod to London 2012, and make it a theme party to remember! Here are some ideas.

Have fun and celebrate the Summer Games
Kids race

Ancient Greece party

Throw it back to the beginning! The first Olympics in the ancient world was held in 776 BC, in honour of the Greek gods. Primarily for men, it was comprised of several sports, and winners were crowned with an olive wreath. Inspired to host an Ancient Greece party for your kids and their friends? Here are a few suggestions that will help add to the fun!

  • Serve yummy Greek- or Mediterranean-inspired food. It doesn’t have to be completely authentic, just fun and kid-friendly. Try mini-spanakopitas and fried meatballs served with tzatziki dip, pita bread triangles and hummus, as well as the popular Greek kebab, only this time made with fresh fruit and cheese cubes.
  • Set up fun sports-like competitions by recreating some of the original Olympic sports, but with your own twist! Have running races, jumping competitions and even a discus throw (use a Frisbee and a target instead of a distance throw if you’re short on space).
  • Have a basket filled with fake flowers or petals ready to toss at the winners.
  • Crown the victors with an “olive wreath.” Start with a head-size grapevine wreath, cut out approximately one-fifth of it to create a horseshoe shape, then weave in a fake ivy garland.

London 2012 Summer Games-style party

London is the most recent addition to a long lineup of modern Olympic host cities that date back to Athens in 1896, and every four years we celebrate the world’s best athletes with this prestigious event. How can you celebrate it at home? Read on for a few ideas on hosting a kids’ Summer Games party right in your own backyard!

  • Have all the kids wear sports attire and carry a flag from their ancestry for the parade of nations to start your games.
  • Pick a few games from the current lineup of summer events, and create your own sporting competition. Try shooting (with Nerf guns, of course), set up a badminton net and play singles or doubles or get everyone involved in a relay running race.
  • Hit the crafts store for coloured foil, and make “Olympic” medals out of cardboard, foil and ribbon. Present a gold, silver and bronze medal to the top three winners of each game, and make participation medals for everyone.
  • Serve easy food inspired by England. Fish sticks and chips and platefuls of English biscuits should hit the mark.

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