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10 Essential hospital diaper bag stuffers

After planning out what you’ll wear, what camera you’ll bring, which comfort items are necessary and which outfit you’ll get your new baby home in, you may think you’re packed for the birth and ready to go. But not so fast! Make sure you can get your little one changed with ease by putting together the perfect diaper bag. Read on to find out the 10 items your diaper bag shouldn’t be without.

Mom with newborn at the hospital


Extra baby outfit

Though babies are always unpredictable, this is particularly true for the first few weeks of life. There is no telling whether the outfit you planned to take your newborn home in will still be clean enough when the moment arrives. That’s why packing a spare change of clothes is a smart idea. It should include a fresh pair of socks and a spare onesie.



Well in advance of your due date, pick up a large pack of diapers made for newborns, such as Pampers Swaddlers. A newborn baby will speed through them, so make sure to put plenty in your diaper bag before you head off to the hospital.



You’ll want to be able to clean your baby up just right, and that requires wipes. Because a newborn’s skin is so fresh, opt for wipes made for delicate skin, such as Huggies Sensitive Wipes.


Changing pad

Although you will certainly have access to a changing table and pad at the hospital, get your little one used to the changing routine he’ll be experiencing at home over the next few months. Look for one that is waterproof and that has the option of a restraint, and bring it with you to the hospital.


Burp cloth

Newborns spit up a lot, so stock up on burp clothes, and place a couple of them in your diaper bag before heading to the hospital for delivery.



Although some mothers prefer not to give newborns pacifiers, if it is something you want to do, you might as well keep one in the diaper bag from the get-go.



Although your newborn won’t be able to do a whole lot with a toy just yet, let him familiarize himself with something bright and cheery from home.



Getting your newborn familiar with the smell and feel of home right from the start is a great idea. And that is easily accomplished when you wrap him up in a cozy baby blanket selected just for him.


Hand sanitizer

Although hospitals have hand santizers at virtually every doorway, it doesn’t hurt to pack your own so you can apply it with ease whenever necessary.



There’s no telling what you might need tissues for when it comes to changing a newborn baby, but there is a very good chance you will require them at some point. So grab a couple on-the-go packs of tissues, and keep them in your diaper bag for when you need them most.

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