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How to pack your hospital bag

Keep yourself comfortable after delivery by packing a hospital bag full of handy and necessary items you’ll need afterward. Read on for suggestions on what to pack.

Pregnant woman packing hospital bag

Comfortable clothes

Delivering a baby will take its toll on your body!

  • You will likely be sore and tired, so make yourself as comfy as possible by bringing loose clothing to wear in the hospital. Your maternity wear will be fine, since your baby tummy won’t disappear that fast!
  • Extra underwear. Bring a few pairs, as they tend to get messy.
  • Sippers or non-slip socks to keep your feet toasty warm.
  • A cosy robe to wear during the long nights and tired days.

Nursing gear

It’s a smart idea to plan ahead and bring the necessities that will ease you into the role of nursing mom!

  • Nursing sleepwear is a great idea for the hospital, as it’s both comfy and practical. And where else, other than your own home, can you stay in your PJs all day? Take advantage of it while you can!
  • A button-down or other front-opening shirt.
  • A nursing bra and breast pads. It will be hard to get fitted accurately until your milk comes in, but for a rough estimate, buy a nursing bra late in the last trimester, which should suffice until you feel like hitting the mall again!
  • A nursing cover or baby blanket for discreet nursing.

Personal care products

After delivery — and as soon as you catch up on some rest— you’ll likely feel as though you want to get back to normal.

  • Make sure to bring a makeup bag and all the personal care items you’ll need to help you feel like yourself again! A word of caution, however: Avoid heavily scented items such as perfume or scented body lotion, as these types of products can affect others, including your newborn, and cause them to feel unwell.
  • Personal hygiene items. Bring everything you would normally tote with you for a couple of days away from home, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s a good idea to check with the hospital to see what they will be providing, in case you need to bring something unexpected, such as soap and towels.
  • After delivery, you will need a supply of maxi pads, and it’s easier to bring your own box or two so you have them ready and can use your favourite brand.

Other suggestions

  • Fully charged electronics, such as phones and iPods, as well as the chargers.
  • A sleep mask and/or earplugs if you are a light sleeper or have roommates.
  • Flip-flops for the shower.
  • A pretty going home outfit, as you’ll be taking lots of photos!
  • Thank-you cards to fill out for the hospital staff. Remember to bring a couple of pens, including a black ballpoint for filling in all the paperwork.
  • Your newborn’s baby book.

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