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How to hide that you’re pregnant

Excited about your pregnancy but don’t want everyone to know about it yet? When you’re not quite ready to share the news that you’re expecting, here are some tips on how to conceal that baby bump.

How to conceal your baby bump
Happy pregnant woman

You may be super excited about your baby on the way, but generally you should wait until after the first trimester to share the news. There may be situations in which you may want to wait even longer. But how can you conceal the fact that you’re expecting when you have an ever-growing baby bump blowing your cover? Here are some strategies that’ll help you keep your secret.

Dress boho chic

Thank celebs like Kate Moss and Nicole Richie for making the bohemian look stylish. These billowy feminine tops and dresses make it simple to hide your figure, and no one will notice, since the look is on trend.

Invest in shapeless dresses

Those large, shapeless and somewhat androgynous-looking styles (think of the shapes you often find at shops like Cos) are the perfect solution for hiding that belly of yours.

Go for strategically draped pieces

Look gorgeous in a Grecian-type dress that drapes in just the right way so that it conceals your mother-to-be figure. This is the perfect look to wear if you have a sophisticated soiree to attend before you share your baby news.

Play with proportions in your clothing

Trick people into thinking you’re small all around by wearing leggings or capris that are form-fitting (giving the illusion that you’re small), but pairing them with an airy, loose top that doesn’t hug your torso at all.

Accessorize to distract

Scarves came back in a big way a few seasons ago, and they’re still a trendy look, which is good news for you, as they can be the perfect disguise for a baby bump. Jewellery too, such as statement necklaces, chunky rings and a wristful of bracelets, can work well to distract from your size. If the pieces are exceptionally striking, they’ll draw people’s attention away from your belly area.

Be sneaky when it comes to food and drink

If you comment about not eating well lately and having put on a few pounds, people who may have noticed you seem a bit heavier will then “know” the reason for your heftier state. If you would typically drink at a work lunch or at a dinner with friends (and they’ll immediately notice if you don’t order an alcoholic beverage), consider arriving first at the restaurant and speaking with the server: Tell him or her you’ll order a vodka cranberry, for example, but that you want them to bring you a virgin cocktail instead.

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