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How to throw an outdoor birthday party for your child

If your child’s birthday falls in the summer months, you have the wonderful opportunity to throw your little one a party in the great outdoors. We share some tips on how to make the event a day to remember.

Outdoor birthday party for kids

Pick the perfect invitations

Choosing outdoor-themed invitations is a fun way to get into the spirit of summer. It’s also a nice idea to let the parents of the children you’re inviting know what they’re in store for. That way they can pick out the right shoes and clothing for their child to attend an outdoor event. It’s hard for a kid to go home happy if he or she spends the whole time being either too cold or too hot, so extend the courtesy of letting parents know what you’re planning.

Fire up the barbecue

Nothing says summer cooking quite like a meal whipped up on the barbecue. And a child’s birthday party is the perfect time to get grilling. Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob and veggie skewers are all great BBQ treats. Ask parents to let you know if any of the children have food allergies you should be aware of. That way you can make sure you cook in a nut-free environment or have veggie burgers or gluten-free buns on hand if necessary.

Organize outdoor games

You are less limited by space when you plan an outdoor event, so embrace it! Unlike indoors, where you’re limited to Pin the Tail on the Donkey and a craft or two, there are a multitude of activities you can plan outdoors. Consider setting up a game of horeshoes, three-legged races or a potato sack dash. Or take the group to a nearby park for a game of tag or cops and robbers. Make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of adult supervision you have, and enjoy!

Cool down with water

If you’re up to the task of providing a couple of extra towels and drying kids off, get the sprinklers going, and create your very own water park. Invite kids to bring bathing suits and get ready to splash around in the backyard. You can also pick up some water guns and other toys at the dollar store to add to the fun. It’s a fabulous way to let the little ones cool off from the summer heat.

Create a scavenger hunt

A fun alternative to plain old loot bags is to have the kids actually look for their treasures in a scavenger hunt. Hide prizes all over the yard and around the house, and provide clues to the group to help them track down their gifts. It’s a fun way for them to enjoy their time in the great outdoors and go home with plenty of stories to tell!

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