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Birthday parties for your tween son

Your tween son is the apple of your eye, and now it’s his birthday! How are you going to help him celebrate? Have fun with these birthday ideas.

Go-Kart party

It’s birthday time again, and while it’s likely your tween son has outgrown a pirate- or cowboy-themed party, that doesn’t mean he’s ready to give up having a birthday party bash! Here are three cool party ideas to let him be a kid a bit longer!

The junior Indy party

Rev up the engines, and take the need for speed to the track — the go-kart track, that is! The junior race car drivers at your son’s party will have a blast navigating the course and racing one another to the finish line. Check your local track or family fun centre for group rates and birthday deals, as once around a track is never enough for these young drivers in training! And be sure to check height requirements so no one is left out. Afterward, bring the gang home for pizza, and be sure to have the video game console ready to go with plenty of driving games so they can continue with the fun.

The sports fanatic party

Load up the minivan, and take the boys to “the big game.” It can be any sport your son likes to watch or play, such as soccer, baseball, football, hockey or lacrosse. And it doesn’t have to be a professional league game. A local minor league or a high school team is just as much fun! Treat the boys like diehard sports fanatics by being creative with the face paint and temporary hair colours and by having them wear team colours or team jerseys and hats. Supply them with dollar store novelties to use for cheering on the team, such as “We’re # 1” foam fingers, banners and horns. Round out the experience by feeding them chili dogs and (root) beer.

Nerf gun wars

If you have a tween son, this one is almost self-explanatory! Boys love their Nerf guns and have a great time using their imagination to come up with all kinds of different play scenarios . One thing remains constant, however — the fun of shooting at one another! Have your son invite his friends over with their personal arsenal of guns; most tween boys have them, but if possible, it would be a good idea to stock up on a few extra. A backyard or a local park should give the boys plenty of running room, and there isn’t any need to interfere; just give them a rundown of your rules, and then let them go from there. This is a great at-home birthday that can finish with a barbecue and a sleepover.

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