5 Canadian dad bloggers we love

Let’s face it, ladies – sometimes we all need a dad’s perspective on parenting. He could be our own dad, our partner or even just the dad down the street. Looking for a different twist on this whole parenting gig? Check out these dad bloggers who all have a little bit of something to tell us.

Canadian DadCanadian Dad

Chris is the blogger behind Canadian Dad, and he is a thirty-something father of two. He smartly gives credit to his wife, Kristine for being “the glue that holds our family together.” He not only posts about regular dad-type stuff, but he has a new series for posts of his son Lucas singing. He had us hooked when we saw the post of his son’s Super Mario birthday party and the crazy character who came in costume. Don’t worry Chris, mum’s the word.

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I Used toHave HairI Used to Have Hair

How can you not love this dad blogger? His blog header is — you guessed it — his bald head. Todd is a thirty-something single dad who has found the love of his life and is attempting to make it work long-distance…for now. His Wordless Wednesday post with family pictures was fun. Between these two single parents they share four children (none together). He posts all sorts of random thoughts from a single dad, in no specific format. Hang around here for a bit and you feel like you just spent time at your brother’s house. In a good way.

Enviro DadEnviro Dad

Eric Novak is the dad behind Enviro Dad. He is a father of four and a nationally recognized public speaker. He has also been personally trained by both Al Gore and Dr. David Suzuki to deliver a version of the slide show presentation featured in the movie An Inconvenient Truth on behalf of Mr. Gore to Canadians. How cool is that?

Eric and his wife Karen have four children and reside in Ontario. Eric isn’t an environmental scientist, but he’s trying to make the right choices in how he lives as both a father and business owner. The post he wrote about the meaning of being a dad summed it all up beautifully.

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Tom Sedens is the father of three kids, lover of cars and blogger on this site. He writes a little bit about cars, about his family and whatever else seems to be on his mind. When he posts about his kids, his writing seems effortless and you can feel the emotions, whether funny or just touching. You may find yourself drawn to his site because of the car posts, but sticking around because of how he chats about his family. His post telling dads not to underestimate their roles had us sniffling just a bit.

Urban Daddy

The father of two boys — a 7-year-old nicknamed Linus (because he carries around a security blanket) and a 5-year-old called Stewie (because Urban Daddy feels he’s trying to kill him and his wife) — Urban Daddy is one cool dude. He also has a 2-year-old girl, Berry. He and his family live in urban Toronto where they pride themselves on being a laid-back, no-fuss family. He has an MBA and so does his wife, who is studying to be a holistic nutritionist. His post about being hungrier than a five-year-old had us smiling. And hungry.

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