4 Best gadgets for teens

May 18, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

With so many devices out there, it can be hard to pick out the right ones for your teen. We try to make things a little easier with this simple guide to tracking down the right gadgets for your child.

Teens and gadgets

Maze Pen

Of course you want your teen to focus on homework and studying, but giving the brain a distraction every 30 minutes or so is important to help work-time be more productive. Give your child something to be distracted by every now and then with the Maze Pen. The pen contains a maze with a little ball that the player attempts to move from the start to the finish. Your teen's brain will still be working, but in a unique and fun way that allows him or her to take a much needed break before getting back to the task at hand.

Price: $2.99 at ThinkGeek

Nintendo 3DS

If you want to feel like really a cool mom who gives the best presents, this may be the gadget you're looking for. This portable gaming device is cutting-edge in so many ways. It features real 3-D graphics that don't require glasses, motion sensor technology that allows for games that require more than just tapping thumbs and a camera and microphone input. Over 100 games are compatible with the entertainment device, so whether you want your teen playing something productive or you give him or her leave to play whatever, there are plenty of options to choose from. Plus it comes in several colours, so you can pick the one your teen will like best.

Price: $169.99 at Nintendo

Ultimate Key Finder

Your teen may be old enough to have a set of keys, but that doesn't always mean he or she is careful enough to never misplace them (who really is?). Make sure a lost set of keys doesn't cause a panic or a frustrating change of plans by getting your teen the Ultimate Key Finder. You simply attach the keys to the provided keychain, then place the Key Finder remote in a safe place, such as by the front door. When the keys eventually go missing, all your teen has to do is press the button on the remote, and if the keychain is within 25 metres, it will light up and beep so he or she can quickly track it down.

Price: $35.88 at LatestBuy

Kobo Touch eReader

The teen years are loaded with reading assignments, and that can mean a pricey trip to the bookstore, followed by heavy boxes of books that will never be read again. Keep things condensed and simple by getting your child a kobo eReader. Books can be downloaded for less than the regular price, and they sit inside its lightweight casing, so you don't have to worry about dusting a shelf full of rarely read literature. Plus, kobo e-ink technology means you don't have to worry about your child staring at the harsh glare of a screen. In addition, being able to carry one compact device around rather than half a dozen heavy books can take off some of the weight teens tend to carry around in their backpacks on a daily basis.

Price: $99 at kobo

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