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Soap opera-inspired baby names

If you’re in search of an imaginative or uncommon baby name, you might just need to look outside the (soap) box for inspiration! Straight from your favourite soap operas, this list of potential baby names comes complete with just-for-fun character traits inspired by the numerous and varied personalities in daytime drama.

Finding baby names

Austin – a buff, young, leading man type. Didi – a secretary or loyal best friend.
Ava – a sultry femme fatale or a quirky lady. Diego – a lusty loverboy.
Belle – a beautiful, romantic heroine. Duke – a man of stature or cunning.
Blade – an independent, action-hero type. Dusty – a boyishly sexy type.
Brady/Brody – a strapping young man, down-to-earth, hard working. Echo – a woman with a past and a story to tell.
Brock – a pleasant do-gooder sort. Eden – a good girl, perhaps with a bit of an edge.
Buzz – an interesting guy with a checkered past. Ford – a complex guy, possibly with an uncertain background.
Calliope – a fun, outgoing, possibly eccentric girl or woman. Fox – a cute younger guy or a wealthy older man.
Cane – a romantic hero or perhaps a bad boy. Harley – a girl with attitude, a spitfire.
Cash – a ranch hand or ladies’ man. Hart – a romantic hero type, loves his mama.
Catlin – a hunky, down-to-earth hero. Hawk – a guy who’s hard to pin down.
Chance – a good-looking nice guy. Hogan – a family man.
Chase – a handsome guy who may be a bit of a rascal. Hutch – a drifter who attracts the ladies.
Cliff – a family man or a shifty drifter. Ivy – a kind but ditzy lady or a pretty young girl.
Cricket – a good girl who tends to be a little self-righteous. Jazz – an artsy cool guy.
Cutter – an action-hero type, a rich kid or a thug. Jett – a hotshot.
Daisy – a chick who’s a bit loopy. Lance – a romantic leading man.
Dante – a sexy, edgy brooder. Lujack – an adventurer or a tough kid.
Deacon– a bad boy with a heart. Luna – an eccentric personality.
Destiny – a romantic heroine or a hippie chick. Pilar – a young girl or a romantic heroine.

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