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Creative ways to prevent school lunch boredom

Bagged school lunches can be boring and repetitive. Perhaps it’s time to get creative and offer your kids something fun that they’ll be happy to eat. Here are a few suggestions.

Girls excited about lunch

Mix it up

Are your wee ones tired of sandwiches and fruit cups in their lunch? Then mix it up a bit! An everyday sandwich can easily be pumped up, and the standard fruit cup can be readily replaced, so what are you waiting for? Try these suggestions for something a bit different:

  • A bagelwich. With so many bagel flavours available, there’s bound to be a favourite for everyone. Onion, cheese, cinnamon raisin, jalapeno, pizza, sesame, multi-grain, sourdough, honey oat and the list goes on and on.
  • An easy and classic pairing to a bagel is cream cheese. Consider a flavoured cream cheese to create a yummy alternative to the standard. Think of garlic, herbs, cheddar, salsa, fruit, chocolate, pizza and taco, just to name a few.
  • Try a wrap for a new twist on a classic sandwich. A flour or flavoured tortilla wrap is the perfect base, and the toppings are endless. Some kid faves to try are smoked turkey, cranberry jelly, havarti and leaf lettuce, Nutella and banana, sliced meat loaf and ketchup, herb and garlic cream cheese with sliced chicken and roasted red peppers, chick pea butter and jelly, and tuna salad.
  • A deconstructed sandwich. Use a cookie cutter to create fun shapes out of deli-style meats and favourite cheeses. Add to a plastic container with crackers and a fruit or veggie snack such as baby carrots or grapes.

Add something new

Keep up their interest by adding something new:

  • Forgo the fruit cups. Make fresh fruit and cheese skewers instead. Alternate washed fruit pieces with mild Gouda or Monterey Jack cheese cubes on bamboo skewers. Add a side of vanilla yogourt or berry-flavoured cream cheese as a dip to complete the snack.
  • Send a handful of dried fruit-based granola or trail mix to keep them satisfied.
  • If your child has access to a microwave, consider putting a corn dog, hamburger, sliced pizza or a microwaveable container of leftovers in their lunch.
  • A vegetable or meat and cheese pasta-based salad is a yummy alternative to a sandwich or wrap.
  • A thermos of delicious soup can be a welcome change. Add a container of cheddar crackers for dipping.

Don’t forget a special touch

  • Write a special note to your child. Make your child smile by giving them a few words of encouragement or saying something simple from your heart with an “I love you,” handwritten personally on a small note tucked into their lunch.
  • Add a bright, fun napkin and plastic cutlery.
  • Pop in a special treat your child will love. It doesn’t have to be large, just something they wouldn’t expect and will really appreciate.

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