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Fun activities to do with another family

Friends are important at every stage of your life, from childhood through adulthood, and when you make friends as a family with another family, it’s fun for everyone!

Family camping

Having a good group of friends is one of the essential factors in our pursuit of happiness, and there are several great rewards to be had by befriending another family. Having family friends will encourage multi-age friendships, help offer parenting support — as you will feel comfortable caring for each other’s children — and allows you to have adult relationships without sacrificing family time. To encourage this friendship, here are some great activities for your family to do with another family.


Head to the great outdoors for some group fun! Whether you’re tenting or RV’ing, camping is a wonderful way for friends to spend quality time together. There is almost always something fun to do regardless of age, so from daybreak to sundown, you’ll be able to keep the whole entourage entertained. Plan a few group activities such as a bike ride, nature walk and singalong by the campfire, but encourage smaller group or individual pursuits as well, like a game of catch or rock collecting.

Historical village or park

Take the gang to spend a day revisiting the past. Every family has their own unique ancestry, so having another couple of adults along to share their stories can make a trip back in time more interesting for the kids. After all, they’ve undoubtedly heard many anecdotes of your family history, but a new perspective from another adult just might fuel their interest and help make the day a fun learning experience. To make it authentic, bring an old-fashioned picnic along for lunch — fried chicken, potato salad, apple pie and lemonade.

Amusement or family fun park

Kids of all ages love rides and games, so load up the minivans, then head to the amusement park! Not every ride is for every person, however, so it’s a great idea to go with another family who can help watch the youngsters who aren’t quite ready for the grown-up rides yet, and that means everyone will have the chance try out the rides they want. You’ll all have a great day of laughs and thrills while bonding with your friends.

A sports game

Take your group of sports fans to the big game! Whether it’s a major league, minor league or even a local community game, you’ll all have a blast cheering on your favourite team. Wear team jerseys, hats or colours, and make your presence known! Round out the day by heading to a local park for a cookout and game of your own.

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