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10 Canadian mom bloggers we love

In some circles, being a modern-day “mommy blogger” may have negative connotations, but we beg to differ. These moms who have bared their hearts and souls on the Internet are among some of most talented bloggers you’ll find in Canada. Here are 10 of our favourites:

1. All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

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Image: All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something is the blogging home for Kimberly, who writes about life with her husband and adorable son, Chunky. Kimberly, a postpartum depression survivor, is truly an inspiration. We think she is one of the toughest, most amazing mom bloggers out there.

2. Cheaper Than Therapy

Ali mom blogger
Image: Cheaper Than Therapy

That sarcastic, irreverent mom who lives within all of us is going to get a kick out of the Cheaper Than Therapy blog, written by Ali of the Toronto nosebleeds. This funny photographer mommy of three keeps it real on her personal blog and also draws from her experience making garbage sexy as the social media manager of a waste management company.

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2. Curtains Are Open

Family photos
Image: Curtains Are Open

“Queen,” author of Curtains Are Open, has one of the best about pages we’ve seen. The random bits of information on that single page give a great sense of who she is. We love her refreshing voice and her ability to one day write from a place of vulnerability and the next day show us her fun sense of humour.

Colleen, aka Queen, says, “Curtains Are Open is about inspiring women, whether through laughter or tears. As a 47-year-old divorced mother of three, I’ve put it all out there — an open book, if you will, i.e., the curtains are open! I’m letting people peer inside my home, and in the process, women discover that we’re all very much the same. I share my joy and sadness, the ups and downs of raising teens, the struggles of being a single mom who’s trying to do it all while running a design business and chasing kids from the barn to the volleyball court to the hockey rink. Curtains Are Open is about trying to find the positive in a world of crazy… It’s about being vulnerable and authentic, surrounded by an amazing family, a fabulous bulldog and the most delightful friends.”

4. Giggles & Hugs

Adoption story
Image: Giggles & Hugs

Giggles & Hugs chronicles a beautiful adoption story that you won’t want to quit reading. When Crystal and Jessica, a same-sex couple living in Toronto, adopted their daughter Lily, who has Down syndrome, after experiencing fertility issues — they decided to start a blog about it.

Crystal describes the purpose behind her blog as, “Sharing my life with my amazing wife and daughter. Enjoying life the best way we know how: with giggles and hugs.”

5. Life with Ladies

Summer days
Image: Life with Ladies

We think that Alicia, author of Life with Ladies, would be great fun to have a glass of wine with. She’s a mom to three beautiful girls, and we love that the tagline for her blog is “riding the hormone train.” We sure hope she blogs through their tween and teen years!

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