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Gender neutral baby room decorations

Whether it’s still early on but you want to start working on the baby room, or you simply want to be surprised, here are some ideas for keeping your baby room decorations gender neutral.

Gender neutral nursery

Paint Color

Color is key in décor. Be it a bedroom, a living room, or a kitchen, the paint color you choose will say a lot about the room. Baby rooms, just like any other rooms, are hugely affected by color. You want to keep it cheerful and innocent and if you want to keep it gender neutral, then color will be your starting point. Stick to yellows, oranges or greens (aqua green can especially be a very bright and cheerful choice). These colors are very gender neutral and they still scream babies.

Animal prints

We often pick Barbie crib sheets or wallpaper for girls and when we know it’s a baby boy we want to be the first to get Spiderman window stickers. If you want to keep the baby room gender neutral, avoid super heroes or cultural icons. Animal prints are cute for babies and much more gender neutral too.

Wooden furniture

Try to stick to wooden cribs and closets, regardless of the color. You can pick white, beige, brown or whichever color wood you prefer, but the more you stay away from print, the easier it will be to blend it with the rest of the room and keep it gender neutral. It will also make it easier for the nursery to be reused down the road, as wood never gets outdated.

Stuffed toys

Keep the toy section simple. As your baby grows, regardless of the gender, buy him/her the toys necessary, but when you first start off with the decoration, a few stuffed animals will do. They are not cars or dolls and they are loved by both boys and girls.

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