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Nursery checklist

Your nine months of patiently waiting has almost come to an end, and now you’re more than ready to welcome your new bundle of joy into your life. But is your home ready? Here is a checklist of items you’ll need to welcome your new baby home.

Gender neutral nursery


  • A crib that follows the current safety standards. See the Health Canada website for details.
  • A firm, tight-fitting mattress.
  • A mobile, to either entertain or lull your baby into a peaceful sleep.
  • Waterproof mattress pads. Have a minimum of two.
  • Crib sheet sets. Two sets are fine, but three are better.
  • Lightweight baby blankets.

Room organization

  • A chest of drawers and child-size hangers for the closet. It’s amazing how many tiny little clothes your baby will accumulate.
  • Several bins and baskets. Keep them on hand for toys, stuffed animals and baby supplies such as burp cloths and receiving blankets.
  • Display shelves. For pictures, showcasing favourite toys and displaying collectibles.
  • A change table and pad. Perfect for changing your baby, but also great for the storage of diapers, wipes and other hygiene or first aid items.

Cozy comforts

  • A comfy adult-size chair. Perfect for cuddle time, reading , feeding and to help cope with those long, sleepless nights that every parent and baby experiences. Use a glider rocker (with a footstool for extra mommy comfort) to help soothe baby to sleep.
  • A night light or a side lamp fitted with a low-watt bulb. This will make nighttime tasks easier without flooding the room with light.
  • A portable stereo, iPod dock or other musical option. Babies tend to respond well to music they enjoy, and this is nice for mom too!

Baby basics

  • A selection of baby clothes in both newborn and up-to-three-months sizes. Having a baby can be a messy business! As you will probably be changing your little one a few times a day, make sure to have several (10–12) sleepers and onesies ready to go.
  • A supply of diapers. It’s best to count on using 10–12 diapers a day, so stock up on your disposables or through your diaper service.
  • Wipes — and lots of them!
  • A diaper pail or disposal system, fitted with a proper lid.
  • First aid and hygiene items. Baby-size nail clippers and hairbrush, bulb syringe, thermometer, baby lotion and shampoo, diaper cream and humidifier will all be used frequently.
  • A baby tub.
  • Baby washcloths and burp cloths. You will go through several, so stock up.
  • Receiving blankets. Have at least eight.
  • Stimulating books and toys.

Safety first

  • A baby monitor. Choose one of your preference, but if possible, purchase one with two receivers so you can have one in your bedroom for nighttime and one elsewhere for daytime naps.
  • A smoke-carbon monoxide detector. You undoubtedly have one or more already, but having one in the nursery may help save your little one’s new young life.
  • Baby safety equipment. Your newborn is too young to get into trouble, but keep in mind they grow quickly, so consider adding electrical outlet covers, breakaway blind pulls and drawer safety latches now so your young one will be safe in the future.

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