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5 Ways to get your kids to eat more vegetables

If you’ve ever had to leave your child sitting at the dining room table as you’ve ordered them to finish eating their Brussels sprouts, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. We’ve got five ways you can get them to eat more vegetables.

Child eating broccoli

Having trouble getting your kids to eat veggies? This daily battle could be wearing you thin; no amount of threatening, cajoling and even bribery has worked. Here are some ways you may be able to convince (or at least trick) them to eat their recommended daily requirement.

Hide the vegetables

Chances are your kids don’t think through what’s in a pasta sauce — but they like their pasta and sauce and gobble it up. So, in addition to the tomatoes, try including some more veggies in the chunky sauce, or slip them in between the layers of a lasagna. If they love muffins, bake a zucchini loaf or muffins (kids might get a kick out of eating a cake that’s got a green hue). Chopped-up veggies would also be masked well in a chili, for example.

Include them in dishes your kids enjoy

Pizza a favourite supper of your child’s? Throw some mushrooms and peppers onto it. Are omelettes a regular family breakfast? Fold some veggies into your next one along with the cheddar. Kids resist fruit less often, so incorporate some of their favourite fruit into a salad that they’ll dig into without putting too much thought into it (strawberries in a simple spinach salad, for example).

Experiment with dips

Chopped veggies become way more playful if you serve them with fun, tasty dips. Try ranch dressing or sour cream. Keep the dip serving small, though, so that each baby carrot isn’t dripping in high-fat dressing!

Let them be a sous-chef

At the grocery store and as you prepare dinner, get your kids involved in the decision-making as to which vegetables will be on the menu.

Get them gardening

Much like getting them involved in the decision-making at the grocery store, getting your kids to help you tend to a miniature vegetable garden may be just the trick to getting them to love vegetables. It’ll awe them to see the seeds or tiny plants they sowed grow into the delicious lush lettuces and plump tomatoes that end up on their supper plate.

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