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Teens: Age-appropriate dates for Valentine’s Day

Your teen and her new love are feeling the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, but where to go and what to do? Here is a list of ideas that will be sure to hit the mark with your teen.

Teens dating

Ah, love is in the air. Your teen might feel ready for his or her Valentine’s Day date, but are you? Help guide your teen into making age-appropriate date choices by suggesting a few options that you’ll both feel comfortable with.

Youth centre theme night

Youth drop-in centres are a safe and supervised environment for teens. They are ususally equipped with teen favourites such as video games, movies and snacks, and will have special theme nights for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. It’s a great option for teens to get to spend time with their new love, but in a fun group setting.

The rec centre

In tune with the drop-in centre, the rec centre has a lot of fun activities to allow your teen to spend quality time with his or her sweetie. Whether it’s swimming, a game of basketball or just hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat, your teen will have a great time.

Ice skating dateOutdoor skating

Suggest your teen take advantage of the winter weather and go on a skating date to an outdoor rink. It’s a bit more romantic than hitting the basketball court at the gym, but it’s still unlikely that they’ll be alone — a pick-up game of hockey is sure to be nearby. Send them with a Thermos of hot chocolate to warm up with after.


Many bowling alleys offer special theme nights like disco or neon bowl where you can bowl in black light to rockin’ music. Suggest your teen invite another couple along so they can have night of fun and laughs together.

Movie night

Everyone enjoys a movie date, even your teen. Sitting alone in the dark with his date will feel like great one-on-one time to your teen, even though the theatre is filled with other patrons. Offer to drive the couple to a coffee shop after so they can chat about the movie.

The indoor arcade or family fun centre

The arcade is a great place for a group date. Rock climbing, mini-golf and laser tag are just a few of the fun and games your teen and her crush will enjoy — and it’s not hard to convince them to bring their friends along either!

Some more suggestions:

  • a date at a coffee house and bookstore
  • painting an art piece at a paint-your-own pottery place
  • roller-skating
  • a group date at a pizza parlour
  • a hockey game or other sports event

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