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Preparing for baby

My, how time flies: Nine months ago, you probably couldn’t envision the day you’d be headed to the hospital to deliver your wee one; now, here you are, putting your final “to do before baby” list together. Want to know some of the things you must add to your list (regardless of what others may tell you)? Here are some suggestions.

Newborn baby

Make a contact list

The second you go into labour, your focus is going to be on getting to the hospital and, well, giving birth. So you’re not going to want to call all your friends to let them know baby is on the way. Create a list of the important people you want contacted and designate one person to give them a shout. This way, you’ll receive the support you need, without the hassle of making phone calls. This list should also include any key notes about your breastfeeding coach, your doctor, your blood type, etc. (just in case).

Plan your routes to the hospital and set up your car

If you live next to your hospital, getting there will be a cinch, but if you have a long way to go, it’s smart to map out (on a GPS system, for example) the many ways you can get to your doctor. Test drive each route, too, at different points of the day, so you can gauge timing and traffic. Also, for the week or two leading up to your delivery date, ensure your car is always filled with gas (you don’t want to have to stop en route to the hospital). And make sure you’ve had proper training on how to set up your car seat.

Be a good student

You went to Lamaze class for a reason, so don’t forget to bring all the notes you made that are supposed to help you through labour. They will also help ease your partner’s mind — in the event he/she forgets any of her/his particular tasks.

Take a first-aid class

Accidents happen, and the best way to be prepared for them is to arm yourself with tools to cope. Taking an infant first-aid and CPR class will help you prepare for any serious situation that may arise after you bring baby home.

Get beautiful

You’ve been carrying your child for nine months. And those last few days before he/she comes into the world will be your last time to get pampered… for a while. So take some time to get your hair done. Get a pedicure. Get waxed. Have a massage. And, most importantly, relax!

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