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4 Fun snow-day activities

Canada has always been known for the amount of snow it can accumulate over the winter months, which is why it’s important to have some contingency plans in place in the event you and your children are stuck at home because of a snow day. Here are a few fun snow day ideas the whole family can get involved in!

Little girl playig in the snow

Head outside

Sure it’s cold out there, but a lot of the fun to be had on a snow day actually involves playing in the snow. Bundle everyone up and head to your local park for some tobogganing action. Or hang out in your backyard and make snow angels, snow forts or a family of snowmen. You can even get in the spirit with a snowball fight or a hunt for icicles. Once you’re done rolling around in the white stuff, head back indoors for a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Cook up a storm

“Tis the season” for a ridiculous amount of cooking and baking. Instead of doing it yourself, get your family to pitch in. Grab all of your cookbooks and lay them out on your kitchen table. Have your kids sort through the recipes–allowing each one of them to pick a favourite dish. While you chop, kids can mix or stir ingredients together in a bowl. Make the mini-cooking class even more festive by choosing a theme–that way your children can set the table [or create a unique centrepiece from their art supplies] while you tend to the hot stove or oven.

Have a slumber party

The only thing better than being outside in the snow after a huge snowstorm is staying inside, curled up underneath a blanket. Which is why a fun option après snowfall is to get the whole family together for a living room slumber party. Grab pillows and blankets. Have each person pick their favourite age-appropriate movie. Pop popcorn or grab chips to nibble on. Then, curl up. It’s a fun way to spend quality time snuggling with your wee ones.

Make it a games day

Another all-family snow day option is to hold a family games tournament. Grab all of the board games in your home. If you don’t have any, improvise [think construction paper and crayons to see who can draw the fastest snowman, etc.]. Lay each of the games out on your kitchen table or in your living room. From there, play each game to see who the top board game player is. As a prize, allow the winner to pick dinner and dessert. Or, instead of cooking, award them what-to-order-in duties.

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