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5 Ways to have fun in the snow with your kids

Fun ways to have fun with your kids in the snow! Just because the grass is covered with snow, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun outside with your kids! Below are some ways you can enjoy the snowy days ahead with your children. Be sure to bundle up well!

Kids playing in the snow

Make a snow angel

This is a great activity to do especially if your kids are still learning about shapes. Make sure they’re bundled up well, including waterproof snow pants, and have fun making snow angels. Encourage them to come up with different shapes they can also make in the snow.

Create a snowman

Bring Frosty the snowman to life by creating your own snowman. Gather some materials from home, like buttons for the eyes, a carrot for the nose, and old scarves or hats to accessorize the snowman with.

Have a snowball fight

No one is too old for a good old-fashioned snowball fight. If you have enough participants, you can even create teams and make a game out of it. Just be sure to include some safety rules, like not making the snowball too big.

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