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Remembrance Day activities for children

Remembrance Day on November 11th is a day for Canadians to take a few minutes to honour the fallen soldiers and war veterans that fought for our freedom. It’s very important for parents to include children in Remembrance Day activities so that future generations don’t forget. The following activities are fun and meaningful ways to include your children in commemorating Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day and poppy

In Flanders’ Field

Reciting the famous poem by John McCrae with your children is an excellent activity to learn about the symbol of the poppy. Other ideas include having your children write out the poem by hand, and then paste it on backgrounds they draw and colour. Good ideas are drawing a field of poppies, or the Canadian flag.

Remembrance Day Crafts

Remembrance Day crafts, such as the poppy wreath, are fun and creative ways to teach children about Remembrance Day. There are a wealth of craft ideas available online, including stencils and print-outs. The poppy-wreath is an easy and enjoyable craft that has children cut out and colour poppies and assemble them as a wreath to hang.

Writing A Thank You

There are a few ways children can say thank you to those who served, and even to those who are still serving. Veterans Affairs Canada has set up the Postcards for Peace project, which gives children a chance to express messages of thanks to veterans and those Canadian Forces members who are still serving. The postcard is available to print out on the Veterans Affair Canada.

You may also notice veterans selling poppies for a donation around your local mall. This is a great opportunity to encourage your little one to greet the veteran, make a small donation, and wear the poppy in honor of the fallen soldiers.

Remembrance Day Events

There are many nation-wide events to commemorate Remembrance Day, such as Remembrance Days parades and theatrical performances. Event listings are available on the Veterans Affairs Canadian government website. Taking your child to these events make for great family outings, and in some cases, some of the proceeds benefit veterans.

These activities are all great ways to engage your children to help them learn the importance and true meaning of the phrase “Lest we Forget.

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