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Colour-coding your nursery: How different colour affects your child

Just as colour affects the mood of adults, so to does it affect the mood of a child. Which is why it’s important to think before you paint any room – especially a child’s nursery. Check out a few of these paint-colour meanings before you put brush to wall.

parents and baby in nursery room


This is a great colour to paint any nursery, especially if it’s pale in hue. As with adults, this colour has a calming effect on any baby. It tends to relax and soothe stress away. It’s particularly good for children who appear to be anxious.


Another great colour to paint any room, green is reminiscent of nature. Like the great outdoors, it’s uplifting and refreshing; it’s a hopeful colour and – in studies – has been shown to boost confidence and self-esteem.


These neutral colours remain excellent choices for nurseries. As neutrals, they’re relaxing and provide warmth to a space that may be lacking in natural light. It’s also a good choice if you opt not to find out the sex of your child [these tones work great whether you’re having a girl or a boy].


This bold colour is best left as an accent hue to any baby’s nursery. It’s daring and strong and may cause children to feel hyper or tense [which may or may not affect their sleeping patterns].


Purple is a great colour to paint a baby’s room, depending on the hue you go with. If you opt for a darker shade, it may shrink your child’s space and may make them feel cramped or claustrophobic [which could result in anxiety]; lighter hues are associated with relaxation and may have a calming effect.


This is the perfect shade to paint any room, especially a newborn’s. That’s because white makes a room feel larger and brighter than any other shade in the spectrum.


Contrary to popular belief, a light hue of yellow is actually a good colour to paint on your baby’s wall, that’s especially true if the nursery lacks natural light [it will mimic the sun’s rays]. Yellow also has a calming effect on children.

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