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Tips for selling children clothing and toys online

Kids’ clothes are not only expensive, but it seems like kids can grow out of them faster than you can buy them. So if your kids’ closets are filled with clothes that don’t fit anymore, go through them and sell what you can online. Online shopping is extremely popular, easy and a great way for you to recoup some of your clothing costs. Although most online shoppers are looking for deals on brand-name or designer clothes, many are just looking for clothes in good condition at a great price. So for an easy way to make some extra moolah, clean out your kids’ closets and give online shopping a whirl — with these simple tips, it will be a breeze!

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11Find a venue

Become a member of the popular online auction sites by establishing a buyer or seller account. It’s typically free but may require banking information so you can pay listing fees and get paid for items you sell. Sending and receiving money is as easy as creating an email message.

2Decide what to sell

Professional organizers recommend removing one item of clothing from a closet for every new item you buy. Move clothing and toys that kids have outgrown to a dedicated tote or drawer until you’re ready to sell. Stained or torn clothing and broken toys are not in demand and will likely not sell. Set aside only those items that you would be willing to buy for your own children.

3Do your research

Before selling anything, look for similar items on the auction site for ideas on pricing and presentation. You will set a starting price and customer demand will determine the final selling price. The auction site gets a percentage of your sale as does the financial center you use for receiving payment.

4Sell individually or as a lot

Pricey designer clothes may sell for more when auctioned off one at a time, but keep in mind that you pay a small listing fee and final value fee with every listing. Sometimes it makes sense to sell clothes in lots. Some buyers are looking for a specific item while others hope to purchase an entire wardrobe with one transaction. Toys are best when sold one at a time mainly because shipping costs are more reasonable.

5Take a photo

The first thing a buyer sees is the photo. Take pictures of individual items against a neutral backdrop. For lots, take one photo of all the items nicely displayed. You can put additional photos on your auction, but your listing fee may go up.

6List your item

Think about how you might search online for an item. Keep relevant keywords in mind as you create a title and description for the item you’re listing. Buyers need a lot of information to make purchase decisions; they want to know brand, size, measurements, condition and flaws. The more details you provide, the easier it is for the buyer to choose your item over someone else’s listing. If your home is clean and free of smoke and or pets, mention that in your description.

7Set a price

Start low. Buyers can search and sort by price, and you want your item to at least get looked at. The free market system works beautifully with online auctions because once a buyer has found your item and likes it, his bid will encourage others to look at and possibly bid on it too.

The price will go as high as the market can bear. Although the listing fees aren’t too terribly expensive, you’ll want to at least recoup them — you don’t want to lose money on a transaction! You’ll be prompted to specify a shipping method and cost as well. Be fair and honest. Buy a postal scale if necessary. Buyers recognize and avoid sellers who overcharge for shipping.

8Pick a time frame

You can pick specific times for your auction to start and end. It’s a good idea to schedule the end of the auction at a time when buyers are most likely to be online, such as a Sunday evening, but keep in mind that buyers from every time zone in the world may be checking out your item at any given moment.

9Create multiple listings

Many buyers like one-stop shopping. They may like an item you’re selling and immediately take a look to see what else you may have to offer online. In your listing description, encourage buyers to check out the other items you’re selling and offer to combine shipping if they bid on more than one listing.

10Watch and wait

Now you can sit back and watch. Check your auction regularly in case buyers post questions about your item. Good communication is just one quality of a respectable online seller. If your item doesn’t sell, don’t give up. Many times, you’ll find that relisting for a slightly lower price or during a different time frame brings better results.


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