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Baby names for boys & girls with unique spelling

With billions of people in the world, it can feel impossible to be unique. So if you are trying to think of a unique baby name and are coming up short, we have a solution for you. Take your favourite baby name and consider spelling it differently. It’s a great way to personalize any name. Whether it’s Leigh instead of Lee, or Kameron instead of Cameron, using unique spelling can give an otherwise traditional name a fun twist.

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You only get to name your baby once, so picking out the perfect name can definitely be difficult: Do you go traditional? Non-traditional? Or do you absolutely love a traditional name but want something a little more unique? Choosing an alternate spelling might just be the way to go. Here are some different ways to spell your favourite moniker for baby name success.

Take a cue from the Kardashians

You can always take a cue from our new favourite reality family, the Kardashians, and make a name unique by changing the first letter or two of a name a la the Kardashian sisters – Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Kim and Courtney are quite common names; Chloe is less common, but the unique twist comes from replacing the C with a K. This same letter swapping also works great with names that begin with G; you can easily spell them with a J instead.

Here are a few ideas:

Boy Names:

  • Cidney instead of Sydney
  • Felip instead of Philip
  • Gerry instead of Jerry
  • Gene instead of Jean
  • Kaleb instead of Caleb
  • Kalvin instead of Calvin
  • Kameron instead of Cameron
  • Kristopher instead of Christopher
  • Schyler instead of Skyler
  • Skott instead of Scott

Girl Names:

  • Aeryn instead of Erin
  • Catie instead of Katie
  • Christal instead of Crystal
  • Gennifer instead of Jennifer
  • Kaitlin instead of Caitlin
  • Karissa instead of Carissa
  • Karoline instead of Caroline
  • Kleo instead of Cleo
  • Phelicia instead of Felicia
  • Secilia instead of Cecilia

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Change the middle

Still looking for an uncommon and unique spelling for your baby-to-be’s name? Try changing the middle of some of your favourite names to see if there is any other way you can spell it. For instance, you can easily replace a Y for an I, and a K can easily be substituted for an X to create a unique name. You could also omit a few letters and see what you come up with.

Boy Names:

  • Aron instead of Aaron
  • Aydan instead of Aiden
  • Aleksander instead of Alexander
  • Bayley instead of Bailey
  • Bryden instead of Brayden
  • Dayvid instead of David
  • Gorje instead of George
  • Jayson instead of Jason
  • Jozeph instead of Joseph
  • Stefan instead of Stephan

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Girl Names:

  • Alayna instead of Alana
  • Alyxa instead of Alexa
  • Bryanne instead of Brianne
  • Brigitte instead of Bridget
  • Caryl instead of Carol
  • Dafne instead of Daphne
  • Daysy instead of Daisy
  • Gabryella instead of Gabriella
  • Lita instead of Leta
  • Sosana instead of Susanna

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Switch up the ending

If you want to switch up the spelling of a name to make it unique, you don’t have to stick to the beginning or middle of a name. The end of a name can also be altered to make it more unique.

Here are some examples and ideas:

Boy Names: 

  • Andru instead of Andrew
  • Austen instead of Austin
  • Bruis instead of Bruce
  • Colyn instead of Collin
  • Dennez instead of Dennis
  • Elija instead of Elijah
  • Josef instead of Joseph
  • Lanz instead of Lance
  • Mathieu instead of Matthew
  • Tomaz instead of Thomas

Girl Names:

  • Ashleigh instead of Ashley
  • Abigayle instead of Abigail
  • Beatrix instead of Beatrice
  • Brittnee instead of Brittney
  • Danyell instead of Daniell
  • Debroah instead of Deborah
  • Erykka instead of Erica
  • Hadleigh instead of Hadley
  • Jezika instead of Jessica
  • Sumyr instead of Summer

Still having trouble?

If you haven’t quite located the unique name or spelling, check out the SheKnows baby name directory. There, you can go through and find names that you like the sound of and consider how you could customize the spelling for a unique take on the usual. Or, maybe, you would prefer to bounce some baby name ideas off of other moms; check out the SheKnows message boards and connect with thousands of other moms!

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