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Unique baby names and meanings

Did you hear a name that was exotic or unique and thought it would be a perfect baby name or just wanted to know the meaning? Well, we searched from Egypt to Argentina to bring you the top exotic baby names — so that your baby boy or girl can have a name just as unique as they are!

dark haired baby girl


This ancient civilization, has survived thousands of years preserving the pyramids, traditions and symbols of their heritage through time. This African country has a mix of religions, languages and traditions — making one very exotic place to find potential baby names! [Egyptian baby names can also be inspired from religion, nature and Egyptian Gods.]

Egyptian boy names:

Abasi– meaning stern

Chisisi – meaning secret

Darwishi – meaning saint

Fenuku – meaning born late

Lateef – meaning gentle.

Egyptian girl names:

Akila – meaning intelligent

Bennu – meaning eagle

Femi – meaning love

Layla – meaning born at night

Zaliki – meaning well born


Argentina is the second largest country in South America [following Brazil] and is known for exotic dances like the tango and lively cities like Buenos Aires. Yet they also have many unique baby names inspired by everything from the Roman Catholic faith to the unique landscape and animals of Patagonia.

Popular and unique boys names include: Santiago, Tomas, Franco, Joaquin, Fabian, Lautaro, Emile, Esteban and Herve

Some of the popular girls names include: Sofia, Agustina, Lucia, Julieta, Milagros, Camila, Elize, Fanchon, Gabie and Ines.

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