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How to make family chore lists

The average family has plenty of chores that need to be done, whether it is mowing the lawn, washing the dishes or doing the laundry. While some families are lucky enough to have one neat freak that wants to do it all, most are not and have to distribute the chores. Here are some simple tips for making a chore list and splitting them up among your family.

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1Consider age and ability

When making a chore list, think about what each family member is capable of – some chores are not meant for young children. Also, keep in mind what your children have shown an interest in doing – if you have an outdoorsy child maybe they’ll prefer chores in the yard.

2Make joint decisions

When you are making the family chore list, make sure to involve your whole family. Let everyone have a say in what chores they would like to do. This will make them more likely to follow through.

3Keep it in plain sight

Get creative with your chore list – use colours and pictures to get your children excited about doing chores. Also, post the list on the refrigerator or in a central location in your home so everyone can see what needs to be done. Your family is more likely to forget about the chore list if it’s in a place where they can’t see it every day.

4Create a reward system

Although it is a good idea to explain to your children the greater good of doing their chores and how it helps the family, working rewards into your chore system may be a more efficient way to get them to follow through. Rewards can be anything from an allowance to extra playtime.

5Break chores up

If you make chores too difficult and time consuming, you shouldn’t be surprised when your kids suddenly start having other things to do during chore time. If you break chores up into smaller, workable blocks of time, your kids are more likely to get them done and continue doing them.


Make it fun (or at least try to)

If playing music while you are in cleaning mode makes it more fun for your kids – then do it! Chores aren’t very exciting, but if you can make them fun and enjoyable, your family is more likely to get them done without you having to hassle and plead. Also, adding incentives like heading to the ice cream parlour or movies after the chores are finished turns it into a fun family activity.

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