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Diaper bag essentials: Everything you need for baby

One of the hardest parts of toting around a newborn is wondering whether you’re carrying too much or just enough stuff to keep them happy, healthy and safe. This dilemma is hardest to solve whenever you pack the diaper bag for the first time. But worry not: here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need when packing a diaper bag for a newborn.

baby and bag

1Baby wipes or soap: Both are great for disinfecting baby, but also mom and dad’s hands after diaper change time. Use organic, eco-friendly wipes like those developed by Method and Aveeno or soap from Kiss My Face.

2Bottles and formula: If you’re not breastfeeding, it’s imperative to pack enough food for your little one.

3Face cloths: From spit-ups to wipe-ups, face cloths will help keep you, your baby and their eating area clean.

4Pajamas/change of clothes: It’s inevitable that your little one will get their clothes dirty at some point, so keep them clean by bringing along a change of clothes. If you plan to stay out late, it’s a good idea to pack pajamas as well [that way you can do the whole “bedtime” routine before you actually get home].

5Diaper changing gear: Instead of asking for a blanket or rug for your little one to lie on during the changing process, be sure to bring a change pad. Bring disposable diapers. If you’re the kind of mom who’s into cloth diapers, opt for an eco-friendly version of the disposable kind [that way it can be tossed in the compost]. Diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly are also a must.

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