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Top Canadian baby names

Top Canadian girl names

1.    Ava: This name might be from the Latin word avis which means “bird.”
2.    Emma: An Old German name, this means “universal.”
3.    Emily: Of Latin origin, this name means “rival, laborious, eager.”
4.    Olivia: This name is Latin in origin and comes from “olive tree.”
5.    Sophia: Meaning “wisdom,” this name has Greek roots.
6.    Chloe: This name means “blooming” and is of Greek origin.
7.    Isabelle: Of Latin origin, this name means “God’s promise.”
8.    Hannah: Of Hebrew origin, this name means “favored grace.”
9.    Abigail: This name means “father of exaltation” and is Hebrew in origin.
10. Madison: Meaning “mighty warrior,” this name has Old English roots.
11. Ella: This name comes from Old German and means “other, foreign.”
12. Sophie: This is another version of the name Sophia and means “wisdom.”
13. Sarah: A Hebrew name, this fittingly means “princess.”
14. Lily: This refers to the flower of the same name and is of English origin.
15. Brooklyn: This is another form of the name Brook and means “small stream, water.”
16. Taylor: This is an occupational name and means “to tailor, cut.”
17. Maya: This name has Hindi/Sanskrit roots and means “dream, illusion.”
18. Grace: A Latin name, this means “favor, blessing.”
19. Hailey: Old English name; Another version of the name Hayley. It means “hay meadow.”
20. Elizabeth: A classic name from Hebrew, this name means “God is my oath.”
21. Samantha: This is the feminine form of the name Samuel and means “God heard.”
22. Avery: Meaning “elf counsel,” this name comes from Old English.
23. Alexis: A Greek name, this means “protector.”
24. Lauren: A Latin name, this comes from the name of the laurel plant.
25. Mia: This name is of Israeli, Latin and Scandinavian origins.

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