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Top Canadian baby names

The top baby names from Canada are a wonderful and varied lot — from timeless and classic names all the way to modern, trendy names. For both boys and girls, old-fashioned names are making a comeback, and some newer name trends are forming! From Ethan to Dylan, from Ava to Mia, come see the top baby names for Canadian baby boys and girls!

Baby boy and Canadian Flag

As with baby names worldwide, older names are becoming fashionable again in Canada, such as Oliver and Grace. You will also notice, as you browse our list, that traditional names continue to be very popular as well. Sarah is a name that has remained popular for a number of years, as are names like Matthew, James and Samuel. There are also many names with Biblical roots appearing in the top spots in 2008, and they are among the ones that have always remained high on the popularity charts. A few names on the list are more trendy than others, such as Avery for girls and Logan for boys.

Have fun and get inspired by our list of the top names in Canada and their meanings!

Top Canadian boy names

1. Ethan: Of Hebrew origin, this means “firmness, long-lived.”
2. Nathan: This name, which is featured in the Bible, means “God has given.”
3. Jacob: Of Hebrew origin, this means “he who supplants.”
4. Lucas: Another form of Luke, and means “from Lucanus” (a place in southern Italy).
5. Logan: This is a name with Gaelic origins and means “hollow.”
6. Matthew: Another name that appears in the Bible, this means “gift of the Lord.”
7. Benjamin: Means “son of the right hand; son of the south;Of Hebrew origin.
8. Joshua: Meaning “Jehovah is salvation,” this is a Hebrew name.
9. Liam: This is a version of the German name William.
10. James: Another version of the name Jacob; Hebrew name meaning “he who supplants.”
11. Noah: A name of Hebrew origins, this name means “peaceful.”
12. Ryan: This Gaelic name means “king.”
13. Owen: A variation of the name Eugene; Greek in origin and means “well born, noble.”
14. Alexander: This Greek name means “man’s defender, warrior.”
15. Jack: This name is a version of the name John, which means “the Lord is gracious.”
16. William: This name has Old German origins and means “protection, will helmet.”
17. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge,” Of Hebrew origin and is also well known from the Bible.
18. Evan: Of Welsh origin, this means “the Lord is gracious.”
19. Jayden: This is another version of the name Jadon and means “the Lord is heard.”
20. Samuel: This Hebrew name means “God heard.”
21. Aiden: Meaning “fire,” this name has Gaelic roots.
22. Tristan: A Celtic name, this comes from Arthurian legend.
23. Mason: Meaning “one who works with stone,” English name climbed in popularity in 2008.
24. Oliver: This name has Latin origins and means “olive tree.”
25. Dylan: This Welsh name means “son of the sea.”

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