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Police say woman used a stun gun on her 3-year-old nephew

A Florida woman is accused of using a Taser stun gun on her 3-year-old nephew. The boy’s mother called 911 to report the child abuse.

Thirty-year-old Ramona Braswell, the boy’s aunt, spent a few hours behind bars before being released on bond. She spoke to a local news station to insist that she would never hurt the boy and that she was only playing with the stun gun near her nephew and must have scared him.

However, the boy’s mother says when she walked in to find her son crying, she saw Braswell standing beside him and laughing. Investigators say the boy has marks on his arm that indicate a stun gun being used on him.

Whether the boy was intentionally hit with the Taser or not, it goes without saying that stun guns aren’t toys and shouldn’t be handled around toddlers. The very fact that Braswell says she was just playing with it is ridiculous. Stun guns are weapons meant to be used in self-defense, not electronics to make fun zapping noises with in the living room.

If she did intentionally use the stun gun on the little boy, she has no right being alone around kids. It’s absolutely grotesque to think that someone might use a serious weapon to punish or tease a toddler. It can’t be easy to report child abuse on a close family member, but fortunately the boy’s mother acted swiftly so that investigators could get to the bottom of this bizarre incident of alleged abuse.

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